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242 Citizens’ Coalition

For 242 years New Hampshire’s citizen-led government has been a leader in delivering the voice of the people. Unfortunately, we are still seeing people working harder than ever before to make ends meet, veterans lost in a bureaucratic quagmire, and an unprecedented attack on our Bill of Rights. This has created a great national sense of insecurity in our neighborhoods, at our kitchen tables, and with our military families. The time for accountability and reform is now.

Washington politicians such as Rep. Ann McLane Kuster are entrenched and opposed to real economic and bureaucratic reforms. This has cast its long shadow of doubt and smothered the voice of the taxpayers, their families and the hardworking people of our state. The games of Washington, politics, and divisiveness must end.

New Hampshire’s families must demand better from their representatives in Washington. In the Granite State, we have witnessed personal agendas, like that of Ann McLane Kuster, which has a regrettable tone of indifference silencing the voice of the New Hampshire people. There is a disturbing lack of accountability in Washington, as evidenced by their combative and reticent attitudes toward constituent service. Their lack of personal responsibility and arrogant abuse of power continues to disenfranchise the spirit of New Hampshire.  

In one case, Representative Ann McLane Kuster seized the cell phone of a fellow citizen. Worse than that, her palpable ignorance of the issues pervade at town halls across the district. Kuster and her obstructionists have only fueled the divisiveness and disenfranchisement we are looking to end. Washington and Congress specifically deserves more from New Hampshire than what they are getting. 

We need to hear from you. Please join the 242 Coalition and make your voice heard. Enough is enough and its time to tell them so.

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