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"I can build a strong coalition and lead our party to victory in 2020! 

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Live Free or Die is more than just a slogan.


The Live Free or Die Legion is calling you. 

If you're ready to join a legion of fellow New Hampshire voters trying to replace entrenched liberal Ann Kuster and deliver the voice of New Hampshire, you have found your home!   Support us with a considerate gift from $10, $50, $100 up to $2,800


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When it comes to winning an election, fewer things are a stronger indicator of success than momentum. And if you’re looking for momentum, look no further than our campaign. 

In 2018, we proved to have the right strategy, message, and candidate to compete and WIN!  

He's not only an experienced leader, but he knows what it takes to inspire voters, create a movement, and spark the change our community needs. 

Steve brought voters to the polls in a very, very challenging year in 2018.  

New Hampshire has their winner in Steve Negron. He has proven he can build a strong coalition and lead our party to victory in 2020! 

Please donate today to keep the momentum going and ensure we WIN in 2020!

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