State Co-Chair Speaker Donna Sytek

“As someone who is usually an early decider in primary races, it was tough for me to pick a candidate to back in the 2nd Congressional District. I have had long conversations with three of the strongest contenders and they have similar positions on issues important to me. I have decided to support Steve Negron because of the breadth of his experience. He is a career Air Force officer, has run a successful business, has served as a legislator, is a family man, has lived all over the country (and the world) before settling in Nashua, and is a native speaker in two languages. This impressive combination of attributes will enhance his ability to deal with the issues that the next Congress must deal with, such as the national debt, defense, immigration, business regulation, and health care. Best of all, his easygoing personality will enhance his chances of reaching out to colleagues to break the gridlock in Washington and actually pass important legislation."

Campaign Senior Leadership - State Co-Chairs

  • Hon. Donna Sytek of Salem - Fmr. NH House Speaker / Fmr. NHGOP Chair
  • Virginia Drye of Plainfield - GOP Youth Organizer and State Rep. Candidate
  • Hon. Kim Rice of Hudson, State Rep. & House Republican Policy Leader
  • Dr. Joselle Germano-Presby of Franconia, Chair of the Pathways Pregnancy Care Center and a home school educator to her five children.
  • Sen. Bob Clegg of Hudson, Fmr. State Senate Majority Leader

Hillsborough County Co-Chairs

  • Hon. Lynne Ober, (Hudson) Current State Rep. 
  • John Diefenbach, (Mason) Republican Activist
  • Mark Cookson, (Nashua) Fmr. City Alderman
  • Laura Spottiswood, (Pelham) Republican Activist
  • Karen Thoman, (Nashua) Member of Nashua Area Fed of Republican Women
  • Linda Trombly, (Nashua) Member of Nashua Area Fed of Republican Women
  • Mar Mar Rodgers, (Hollis) Co-Founder of 603 Alliance and Republican Activist
  • Hon. JJ Valera, (Windsor) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Don Lebrun, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Mariellen Mackay, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Reed Panasiti, (Amherst) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Carl Seidel, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Bill Ohm, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Glen Dickey, (New Boston) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Bob Greene, (Hudson) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Rene Hershel Nunez, (Pelham) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Tim Merlino, (New Ipswich) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Tony Lekas, (Hudson) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Alicia Lekas, (Hudson) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Jeanine Notter, (Merrimack) Current State Rep.
  • Hon. Elizabeth Ferreira, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Kevin Sculley, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Jordan Ulery, (Hudson) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Craig Moore, (New Ipswich) Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Mike McCarthy, (Nashua) Fmr. State Rep.

New Hampshire Public Officials

  • Senator Harold French of Franklin, State Senator
  • Senator David Starr of Franconia, State Senator
  • Senator Bob Guida of Warren, State Senator
  • Mayor Bernie Streeter of Nashua, 

            Former Mayor and Executive Councilor

  • Mayor Don Davidson of Nashua, Former Mayor
  • Hon. Victoria Sullivan of Manchester, 

            Fmr. Assist. Majority Leader & Mayoral Candidate

  • Hon. Timothy Twombly of Nashua, Fmr. State Rep. 
  • Hon. Ann Copp of Danbury, Fmr. State Rep.
  • Hon. Judy Aron of South Acworth, State Rep. 
  • Hon. Greg Hill of Northfield, State Rep. 
  • Hon. Jess Edwards of Auburn, State Rep.
  • Hon. Paul Somero of New Ipswich, State Rep.