A Letter From Steve Negron


Dear Fellow Granite Staters,

“Service before self” is not just a slogan, but a lifelong calling for me. I have been answering the call in both public and private sectors since 1979. After serving in the State Legislature, I realized New Hampshire needed a voice in Washington that was not slave to the whims of Speaker Pelosi. That is why I launched my first congressional campaign in 2018 and was fortunate to win our party's nomination that year. Just as in previous terms, and now in a fourth term in Congress, Rep. Ann Kuster has shown her willingness to bow to the progressive ideologies of Pelosi and "The Squad" instead of showing the fortitude to stand up for New Hampshire values. This cannot and will not stand.

New Hampshire deserves a dependable voice rather than a disengaged one. Rep. Kuster should be ashamed of her obstructionism and absolute adherence to the radical positions of Speaker Pelosi and other members of The Squad. At the beginning of Governor Sununu's tenure, as the youngest governor in America, he told the Concord Monitor: "Right now, our federal delegation does a very poor job advocating for what our state needs." What a true statement! This failure to deliver doesn't align with our state’s values, a cherished hard work ethic, and responsible representation on behalf of ALL the people.  When the new Radical Party began to politicize and nationalize our New Hampshire delegation, I had to stand up and demand better for our state. So I put my hat in the ring again.

The New Hampshire “Live Free or Die” motto is a call to action to defend freedom and to build our own future at all costs.  It is more than just a corny slogan for the tourists to ponder; its true meaning has been watered down by a federal delegation who meekly follows the party line and sometimes even embarrass our state with childish antics. It is obvious now that New Hampshire's voice has been hijacked by Rep. Kuster's new radical ideas and her "Kuster Kronies."

Let’s stop the Kuster Kronies' agenda in 2020! From Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Taxachusetts' own Elizabeth Warren to The Squad of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashid Talib and Ayanna Pressley, it is clear they are fighting for their agenda - are you willing to fight for ours? 

If we do not act with resolve today, the result will be higher costs and reduced quality and  availability for healthcare, higher taxes for families, and a dangerous drift towards socialism. Help us stop this new Radical Party in Washington from taking New Hampshire down the road of no return. The Great American Comeback is underway - President Trump's America First policies are winning, winning, winning!

Join us in this fight - we can secure the future for our Nation’s innovative healthcare and stop the Kuster madness of Medicare for All, dumping the Electoral College, and mingling with the Socialists.

Please join our campaign to make a difference for New Hampshire. The leftist ideological agents mentioned have targeted our economy, our private property rights, and our small state’s voice in the Electoral College process in favor of a heavier hand by big states and the intrusive power of Washington.

I'm up for the challenge -- are you? 

Thank you so much for your support!!


Steven J. Negron

Candidate for Congress, NH-02